Shane Carruth – 10 – Primer & Upstream Color

Shane Carruth Artwork Episode 10

Film, like any art form has varying degrees of complexity and purpose. From the lavish block-buster saturated with special effects to the ‘little’ movies done on a small budget, it is a diverse medium and there is something to cater for almost any taste. In this episode we look at the work of Shane Carruth a mathematician turned writer/director/producer who makes film definitely on the ‘smaller’ scale compared to the big guns of Hollywood.

We are discussing Shane’s first film Primer from 2004 and his most recent Upstream Color from 2013. Each of the films has a unique style which is refreshing and interesting to watch, but each (seemingly) has been designed to require multiple viewings and encourage discussion about the films purpose.

One excellent article written dissecting the purpose and interpretation of Upstream Color can be found here.