Awfully Good? Vol. 01 – 09 – Troll 2 & Sharks in Venice

Awfully Good? Vol 1 Artwork

Terrible movies get made, its a fact, not every movie can be considered a critical or commercial success. Sure some movies get it wrong and they disappear into a sea of other mediocre movies, however there are a few which are so ‘bad’ that they garner a new audience. An audience which finds the lack of polish, story, acting, effects somewhat infectious and charming which elevates these films to be enjoyable based on the fact they are so ‘bad’.

The idea of a film that is ‘Awfully Good’ is not a new one, hell the guys over at JoBlo have been doing it for years, but in this episode (the first Volume of Awfully Good Series which we will do from time to time) we take a closer look at two of these films. First up Troll 2 from 1990 which has arguably been labelled the ‘Best Worst Movie’ and we see just how true this is, and finally we look at Sharks in Venice from 2008 a more recent film which focuses on the mystery as to what is swimming around in the Venice canals, my guess is its not Great Whites from stock footage as the movie implies.